Professional Website Design & Hosting Services

With the downturn in the current economy, its more important than ever for a company to have a corporate web presence in order to compete in the marketplace. A corporate web presence is a digital extension of your company on the internet. It provides you with an effective medium to communicate with your customers and potential customers. It changes the boundaries of your business and provides a level playing field for all businesses, allowing you to expand your sales process which makes it possible to deal better with unpredictable demand.

Websites succeed as marketing tools because they are accessible to your audience 24/7, when you or your staff may not be. The Netsoft Solutions team brings an expansive knowledge of graphic design, programming knowledge, and marketing expertise to every project. Both visually appealing and multi-functional, your website will be one that visitors will want to come back to, one that you will be proud to tell clients and associates about--guaranteed to be more than just another presence on the internet.

If you need a custom website design, call (615) 355-9787 for a quote.

 Professional Template Package

  • One eCommerce Design Template of your choice
  • 20+ template options w/ three color choices
  • Designer will integrate template into storefront
  • 3-5 day turn-around

$499.00 per site

  Corporate Basic Package

  • One-on-one interaction with a web designer
  • 5 professionally created pages
  • 3 revisions of your selected web site design
  • 2 week maximum turn-around
  • One year free webhosting ($132 value)
  • One year domain name lease included ($35 value)
  • Up to 9 Spam/Virus checked email accounts

$1,199.00 per site

 Professional Enterprise Package

  • One-on-one interaction with a web designer
  • 10+ professionally created pages
  • 6 revisions of your selected web site design
  • 4 week maximum turn-around
  • Flash object integration on web pages
  • Two year free webhosting ($264 value)
  • Two-year domain name lease included ($70 value)
  • Unlimited Spam/Virus checked email accounts
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN search engine optimization

$2,399.00 per site

 Professional Corporate MySpace Packages


MySpace is more than a forum for music exposure and making connections with friends. It has become a revolutionary online networking tool, allowing you to find and communicate with other users from all walks of life. Once you maximize your friend network, you can begin marketing through personal messages, page comments, and bulletins. You won't be alone either. Thousands of businesses and professionals are using MySpace for their promotions and getting results! If you've already joined the MySpace revolution, and hopefully you've begun to take advantage of their many interactive marketing tools. But before you start recruiting friends and blastings bulletins, make the effort to distinguish yourself from the masses of other MySpace users. Have us design an original MySpace layout to match your professional image.

Starting at $499.00

 Professional Corporate FaceBook Packages


Working with Netsoft Solutions's team of marketing and design experts, we can create custom Facebook applications or corporate website for your business, created in such a way it targets a specific demographic, whether its a tween market or expecting mothers, it is relevant in promoting your product or service. The result is viral -- once posted on Facebook, users can repeatedly install your own brand application which generates massive amounts of continuous traffic to your website and expands your brand to significant proportions.

Starting at $499.00

If you need a custom website design, call (615) 355-9787 for a quote.