Computer Repair & Upgrades

Equipment Repair and Upgrades

Computer Repair and Upgrades - Bad hard drive? CD-Rom acting up? Want to install a CD or DVD Burner? Need more memory? Help is a phone call away. Let us get you back on track.

Network Repair and Upgrades - Is your network giving you more trouble than it should? We can make you network work for you with faster, more reliable connections. Whether you have a server based or Peer to Peer network, we can make it work like it was designed to.

Laptop Notebook Repair - We repair all brands of laptop and notebook computers. We have a wide selection of parts available so ou aren't without our computer any longer than necessary.

New Equipment

Custom PCs - Whether you need a basic computer to check email with or you want a full blown custom gaming system, we can help. We specialize in custom fitting each application to the needs of the user. No more buying too much or too little.

Custom Servers - File Servers, Domain Servers, Game Server.., you name it, we build it.

Workstations - Need a few workstations for a small office? Need 200 workstations for a large one? We can do it at a fraction of the cost of off the shelf models.

Networking - Share your dialup connection with other users, share DSL or Cable with the rest of the family or office, share files and printers with other users in the same office or across town. If you need it, we can do it.

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