NetCare Monitoring & Managment - Premium Bundle

Our NetCare Premium Bundle includes all of the benefits of the NetCare Basic Bundle and provides your company with the following additional benefits:

  • A Safe & Secure Network.
    Firewall, antivirus, and general security performance service monitoring ensures that your network's integrity is an ongoing priority and that your security investment is working.
  • Network Infrastructure Monitoring.
    We keep track of the details and composition of your network assets and hardware, helping you make intelligent decisions about what needs to be upgraded, what is missing, what has appeared unexpectedly and what should be purchased based on your business planning and objectives.
  • Insight into Software Licensing.
    Knowing what software and applications are running on your network is essential so that you can be notified if unsafe or unsanctioned software is installed on any of your computers. We can track how many licenses of your legally-purchased software you are running, and help you avoid fines that could result through violation of your license agreements.

For extra network protection, you can augment NetCare with our Premium Bundle, which includes these additional features:

  • Firewall Availability Monitoring allows detection of security events, hacker activity and verifies that your firewall is protecting you.
  • Virus Protection Monitoring ensures your antivirus programs are functioning properly and that virus updates are being received and installed.
  • Windows Patch Level Monitoring ensures that all Windows servers and desktops in your network are continually updated with the latest security and performance patches and updates.
  • Application Compliance Monitoring helps minimize network corruption due to unauthorized downloading or installing of applications by your employees that are outside of your approved list of programs.
  • Asset Monitoring provides visibility around the inventory of deployed assets that will help manage your IT asset portfolio.

NetCare Premium Bundle from $349

Bundles cover: 1 server, 1 firewall, 1 router, 2 switches, and 10 desktops
If your Bundles aren't just right for you, we can customize a solutions to fit your network and your needs.