NetCare Monitoring & Managment Program Overview

Our NetCare program is the most comprehensive network management program that is custom tailored to your enterprise and provides your company with the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind.
    Let us be your network watchdog, allowing you to focus on your core business and revenue-generating activities.
  • Increased Productivity.
    Shorten the mean time from network failure to issue resolution by allowing us to watch your network through our priority response guarantee.
  • Cost Savings.
    24x7 monitoring provides visibility into your network allowing us to immediately determine the root cause of any network issue, and reduce the task of issue diagnosis from hours to mere minutes - resulting in substantial cost savings and downtime reduction.
  • Accountability & Transparency Into Your ISP.
    We monitor your Internet connectivity and other hosted applications, and provide reporting around the delivery of those services - all designed to ensure you receive the guaranteed service level you're paying for.
  • A Safe & Secure Network.
    Firewall, antivirus and general security perfomance service monitoring ensures that your network's integrity is an ongoing priority and that your security investment is working.
  • Network Infrastructure Monitoring.
    We keep track of the details and composition of your network assets and hardware. This helps you make intelligent decisions about what needs to be upgraded, what is missing, what has appeared unexpectedly and what should be purchased based on your business planning and objectives.
  • Insight into Software Licensing.
    Knowing what software and applications are running on your network is essential so that you can be notified if unsafe or unsanctioned software is installed on any of your computers. We can track how many licenses of your legally-purchased software you are running, and help you avoid fines that could result through violation of your license agreements.
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