Helpdesk Management

Netsoft's dedicated helpdesk staff provides prompt, highly knowledgeable, and friendly support - just a phone call away for every employee in your organization. With our experienced computer professionals 100% dedicated to getting your user's problems solved, you'll free up resources to focus on your core business while keeping costs down. Our solution is instantly scalable without the need for hiring, training, or capital investment.

Benefits of Managed Helpdesk include:
  • Fast problem resolution by trained professionals
  • Allow your internal IT staff to focus on strategic projects
  • No additional staff is necessary
  • No costs associated with training or benefits
  • Add seats as you grow
Other Helpdesk features include:
  • On-site and remote-control support
  • Single point of contact available - 24x7
  • Support for off-site staff
  • Expert problem management - helping you identify potential areas for training assistance